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Identification of neural targets for the treatment of psychiatric disorders: the role of functional neuroimaging
Neurosurgery Clinics of North America
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: n/a
Pages: 279-305, x
Source ID: shanti-sources-23093
Zotero Collections: Contexts of Contemplation Project
Abstract: Neurosurgical treatment of psychiatric disorders has been influenced by evolving neurobiological models of symptom generation. The advent of functional neuroimaging and advances in the neurosciences have revolutionized understanding of the functional neuroanatomy of psychiatric disorders. This article reviews neuroimaging studies of depression from the last 3 decades and describes an emerging neurocircuitry model of mood disorders, focusing on critical circuits of cognition and emotion, particularly those networks involved in the regulation of evaluative, expressive and experiential aspects of emotion. The relevance of this model for neurotherapeutics is discussed, as well as the role of functional neuroimaging of psychiatric disorders.