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Indian J Physiol Pharmacol
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In 2:1 breathing exhalation is twice of inhalation. The study was performed to study the influence of 2:1 yogic breathing technique on patients of essential hypertension. 30 patients of essential hypertension between ages of 20-50 years were selected. After a rest of 15-20 minutes in a comfortable sitting posture their baseline physiological parameters recorded on a digital polygraph were, Electromyogram (EMG), Galvanic skin response (GSR), Finger tip temperature (FTT), Heart rate(HR) and Respiratory rate(RR). Systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) were recorded by automated digital Sphygmomanometer. Then they were guided to do 2:1 breathing maintaining respiratory rate of around 6/min. Subjects were then instructed to do 2:1 breathing twice a day for 5-7 minutes for next 3 months. Subjects reported back weekly for recording of BP. The physiological parameters of the subjects were assessed again by polygraph at the end of three months of practicing 2:1 yogic breathing. The mean fall of SBP over 12 weeks was 12 mm Hg (8%) and DBP was 7 mm Hg (7%). P value < 0.001 in both. After practicing 2:1 breathing for 3 months there was statistically significant reduction of SBP, DBP, HR RR, EMG, GSR and rise in FTT. The study showed that 2:1 breathing technique caused a comprehensive change in body physiology by altering various parameters that are governed by the autonomic nervous system. It is an effective modality for management of essential hypertension.