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An Investigation of Turkish Elementary Social Studies Textbooks in Terms of Social Emotional Learning
Educational Research and Reviews
Short Title: Educational Research and Reviews
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2017/01/10/
Pages: 28 - 35
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Social emotional learning (SEL) is very important to the well-being of students and their academic achievement in school. The purpose of this study was to search any relation between social studies text books [SSTB] and social emotional learning. This study was conducted as a qualitative study. 9 SSTBs were investigated by 21 fourth grade pre-service teachers from Faulty of Elementary Education in the last semester from Sinop Education Faculty in Turkey. University students have common knowledge that SSTB contains SEL content. Physical feature, content and applicability are the three main themes found in this study. The research method has high validity and reliability. Future studies should be conducted on the intensity, number of activity and distribution of skills of SEL in SSTB. Do the activities in SSTB affect SEL of students? How do the teachers teach the activities of SEL? Besides teachers' teaching strategies, how parents and peers at home and school are occupied with SSTB activities on SEL are the other issues that should be born in mind in future studies.