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"It's Not Religious, But It's Spiritual:" Appropriation and the Universal Spirituality of Yoga
Journal of Communication & Religion
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2014/12/01/
Pages: p63 - 81
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Yoga's popularity prompts concern about the extent to which cultural appropriation compromises its original philosophy. This interpretive analysis explores how non- Indian yoga instructors negotiate religion and spirituality in their classrooms and daily lives. In doing so, I consider yoga as a commodity articulated within the frameworks of transculturation, cultural appropriation (Rogers, 2006), and symbolic displacement (Wilson, 2012). Findings indicate that yoga is discursively detached from its religious origins and linked to an abstract and expansive spiritualism. Instructors also hope to initiate spiritual engagement among students through physical practice. These findings are contextualized with regard to cultural appropriation, ownership, and hybridity. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]