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Knowing & Growing: Creating and Sustaining Contemplative Communities
Format: Website
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Center for Contemplative Mind in Society
Source ID: shanti-sources-83456
Abstract: This webinar will focus on ways to develop and maintain a campus-wide contemplative community. We will investigate how to recruit faculty and staff members, the design of a program, goals and objectives of the community, individual/shared facilitation, and cost. This webinar is divided into three parts followed by short discussions. We will open with approaches to generate interest, the first on-campus meeting, establishing basic fundamental mindful rules, and some basic facilitation guidelines. The second section discusses the importance of holding the space and witnessing, whether or not to use a text, and encouraging individual group member facilitation. The final section focuses on maintaining a loving and compassionate environment, the pros and cons of an open door policy, and dealing with challenging participants.