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Learning with the labyrinth: Creating reflective space in higher education
Format: Book
Publication Date: 2016/05//
Publisher: Red Globe Press
Place of Publication: London, UK
Pages: 264
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This book discusses the theory and practice of labyrinth creation and use. From issues of design and cost, to how a labyrinth may be used as a university-wide resource and also be used for outreach to the wider community, it covers labyrinth use: • Within disciplines, such as initiatives to deepen reflection and explore contemplative approaches to learning• In wider university contexts, such as counselling; chaplaincy; learning and educational development; widening participation and student transition• Across the whole university, and reaching out to the wider community of which the university is a part, from the labyrinth as a conference resource (as well as topic), to festival contributions. Learning with the Labyrinth seeks to illustrate, inspire and share ideas that can be taken further by the reader.