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Living Qigong: The Chinese Way to Good Health and Long Life
Format: Book
Publication Year: 1997
Publisher: Shambhala
Pages: 204
Source ID: shanti-sources-84616
Abstract: Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is a traditional healing art practiced by millions of Chinese to promote well-being and long life. Using a series of simple meditative movements (like those found in t'ai chi), qigong concentrates qi - the vital life force - and circulates this energy around the body to help boost the immune system, preventing illness before it starts or helping to heal disease even after it has taken root. Living Qigong is one of the first truly accessible books on this important healing practice. It presents a narrative description of the author's own study of qigong under a famous Chinese master. Then, drawing on Western medicine, Chinese medicine, and Eastern philosophies, the author shows how the fundamental principles of qigong are also found in the traditional healing practices of many other cultures. Living Qigong also offers easy-to-follow descriptions of the eight essential qigong movements, accompanied by numerous photographs, so that readers can begin to practice qigong themselves.