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Max Margin General Linear Modeling for Neuroimage Analyses
Proceedings / sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis
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Publication Year: n.d.
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General linear modeling (GLM) is one of the most commonly used approaches to perform voxel based analyses (VBA) for hypotheses testing in neuroimaging. In this paper we tie support vector machine based regression (SVR) and classical significance testing to provide the benefits of max margin estimation in the GLM setting. Using Welch-Satterthwaite approximations, we compute degrees of freedom (df) of error (also known as residual df) for ε-SVR. We demonstrate that ε-SVR can result not only in robustness of estimation but also improved residual df compared to the very commonly used ordinary least squares (OLS) estimation. This can result in higher sensitivity to signal in neuroimaging studies and also allow for better control of confounding effects of nuisance covariates. We demonstrate the application of our approach in white matter analyses using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data from autism and emotion-regulation studies.
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