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Mindfulness and mental health among African American college students
Complementary Health Practice Review
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2008
Pages: 115 - 127
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The current study examined the relation of a commonly used measure of mindfulness (MindfulAttention Awareness Scale [MAAS]) and psychological flexibility (Acceptance and Action Questionnaire [AAQ]) to mental health-related variables within an African American college sample. The study also examined these constructs as potential mediators of the link between selfconcealment and mental health variables. The AAQ did not show adequate internal consistency, and thus was not used in subsequent analyses. Mindfulness was found to be a significant predictor of mental health-related variables and mediated the relation between self-concealment and emotional distress in stressful interpersonal situations (full mediation) and general psychological ill health (partial mediation). These results are suggestive that mindfulness may be useful to understand mental health within African Americans college students, although additional research is clearly needed