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Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship
Format: Book
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Guilford Press
Pages: 257
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A number of books have explored the ways psychotherapy clients can benefit from learning and practicing mindfulness. This is the first volume to focus specifically on how mindfulness can deepen the therapeutic relationship. Grounded in research, chapters demonstrate how therapists' own mindfulness practice can help them to listen more attentively and be more fully present. Leading proponents of different treatment approaches—including behavioral, psychodynamic, and family systems perspectives—illustrate a variety of ways that mindfulness principles can complement standard techniques and improve outcomes by strengthening the connection between therapist and client. Also presented are practical strategies for integrating mindfulness into clinical training.

Psychiatry and Contemplation
Health Care and Contemplation
Health Care Organizations and Contemplation
Classical Buddhist Contemplation Practices
Psychotherapy and Contemplation
Practices of Buddhist Contemplation
Heath Care Workers & Organizations and Contemplation
Buddhist Contemplation
Contemplation by Applied Subject
Contemplation by Tradition