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Mindfulness as a moderator of neuroticism–outcome relations: A self-regulation perspective
Journal of Research in Personality
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2009
Pages: 953 - 961
Source ID: shanti-sources-108861
Abstract: Neuroticism’s prediction of negative emotional outcomes has been linked to negative reactivity tendencies. Dispositional mindfulness, defined in terms of being attentive and aware (versus not) of present-moment reality, appears to mitigate negative reactivity tendencies. The present two studies, involving 289 undergraduate participants, sought to integrate these two personality-processing perspectives. Neuroticism was an inverse predictor of mindfulness and both neuroticism and mindfulness independently predicted trait anger (Study 1) and depressive symptoms (Study 2). Of more importance, neuroticism–outcome relations were stronger (weaker) among individuals low (high) in mindfulness. The results document the role that dispositional mindfulness appears to play in moderating neuroticism’s pernicious correlates. Results are discussed from personality, cognitive, emotional, social, and clinical perspectives.