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New displays and new emotions: a commentary on Rozin and Cohen (2003)
Emotion (Washington, D.C.)
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: n/a
Pages: 86-91; discussion 92-96
Source ID: shanti-sources-22936
Zotero Collections: Contexts of Contemplation Project
Abstract: In this article, the authors elaborate on 3 ideas advanced in P. Rozin and A. B. Cohen's (2003) innovative study of facial expression. Taking a cue from their discovery of new expressive behaviors (e.g., the narrowed eyebrows), the authors review recent studies showing that emotions are conveyed in more channels than usually studied, including posture, gaze patterns, voice, and touch. Building on their claim that confusion has a distinct display, the authors review evidence showing distinct displays for 3 self-conscious emotions (embarrassment, shame, and pride), 5 positive emotions (amusement, desire, happiness, love, interest), and sympathy and compassion. Finally, the authors offer a functional definition of emotion to integrate these findings on "new" displays and emotions.