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A novel method for trace aldehyde determination in foodstuffs based on fluorescence labeling by HPLC with fluorescence detection and mass spectrometric identification
Food Anal. Methods Food Analytical Methods
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2013
Pages: 1546 - 1556
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A stable, effective, sensitive and selective method for simultaneous determination of 11 aldehydes in foodstuffs using a novel fluorescence-labeling reagent 2-(12-benzo[b]acridin-5-(12H)-yl)-acetohydrazide (BAAH) has been developed by HPLC with fluorescence detection and mass spectrometric identification. Response surface methodology was employed to optimize the derivatization reaction between BAAH and aldehydes. The completed separation of the 11 aldehydes was achieved in as little as 18 min on a reversed-phase Hypersil BDS C8 column with aqueous acetonitrile as mobile phase in conjunction with a binary gradient elution. Excellent linear coefficients were found to be of >0.9994. This method also showed excellent reproducibility and offered the low detection limits of 0.21-0.58 nM (at a signal-to-noise ratio of 3). The developed method was successfully applied to analyze aldehydes in various foodstuffs and exhibited satisfactory applicability.