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Zhang G, Chen S, Zhou W, Meng J, Deng K, Zhou H, Hu N, Suo Y.  2019.  Anthocyanin composition of fruit extracts from Lycium ruthenicum and their protective effect for gouty arthritis. Industrial Crops & Products. 129:414-423.
Chen S, Zhou H, Zhang G, Meng J, Deng K, Zhou W, Wang H, Wang Z, Hu N, Suo Y.  2019.  Anthocyanins from Lycium ruthenicum Murr. Ameliorated d-Galactose-Induced Memory Impairment, Oxidative Stress, and Neuroinflammation in Adult Rats. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 67(11):3140-3149.
Dong Q, Hu N, Suo Y, Chi X, Wang H.  2019.  The complete chloroplast genome sequences of two species from Nitraria. Mitochondrial DNA Part B Mitochondrial DNA Part B. 4(1):1229-1230.
Chen S, Bai B, He Y, Hu N, Wang H, Suo Y.  2019.  Controllable conversion of Prussian blue@yeast bio-template into 3D cage-like magnetic Fe ₃ O ₄ @N-doped carbon absorbent and its cohesive regeneration by persulfate activation. RSC Adv. RSC Advances. 9(2):1151-1164.
Ji Z, Yu Y, Jin Q, Li G, Hu N, Zhou W, Suo Y, Sun Z, You J.  2019.  Determination of naturally occurring thyreostats in bovine milk by high performance liquid chromatography combined with fluorescence detection. Microchemical Journal. 145:892-898.
Yu Y, You J, Sun Z, Ji Z, Hu N, Zhou W, Zhou X.  2019.  HPLC determination of γ-aminobutyric acid and its analogs in human serum using precolumn fluorescence labeling with 4-(carbazole-9-yl)-benzyl chloroformate. JSSC Journal of Separation Science. 42(4):826-833.
Bai B, Xu X, Hai J, Hu N, Wang H, Suo Y.  2019.  Lauric Acid-Modified Nitraria Seed Meal Composite as Green Carrier Material for Pesticide Controlled Release.. Journal of Chemistry. :1-12.
Zhou W, Wang Y, Yang F, Dong Q, Wang H, Hu N.  2019.  Rapid Determination of Amino Acids of Nitraria tangutorum Bobr. from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Using HPLC-FLD-MS/MS and a Highly Selective and Sensitive Pre-Column Derivatization Method. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). 24(9)
Wang Y, Luan G, Zhou W, You J, Hu N, Suo Y.  2018.  2-(4-Amino)-Phenyl-1-Hydrogen-Phenanthrene [9,10-d] Imidazole as a Novel Fluorescent Labeling Reagent for Determination of Fatty Acids in Raspberry. Food Anal. Methods Food Analytical Methods. 11(2):451-465.
Luan G, Wang Y, Wang Z, Zhou W, Hu N, Li G, Wang H.  2018.  Flavonoid Glycosides from Fenugreek Seeds Regulate Glycolipid Metabolism by Improving Mitochondrial Function in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes in Vitro. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 66(12):3169-3178.
Shi X, Li N, Wu D, Hu N, Sun J, Zhou X, Suo Y, Li G, Wu Y.  2018.  Magnetic covalent organic framework material: synthesis and application as a sorbent for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Anal. Methods Analytical Methods. 10(41):5014-5024.
Yang C, Bai B, He Y, Hu N, Wang H, Suo Y.  2018.  Novel Fabrication of Solar Light-Heated Sponge through Polypyrrole Modification Method and Their Applications for Fast Cleanup of Viscous Oil Spills. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 57(14):4955-4966.
Zhang G, Chen S, Zhou W, Meng J, Deng K, Zhou H, Hu N, Suo Y.  2018.  Rapid qualitative and quantitative analyses of eighteen phenolic compounds from Lycium ruthenicum Murray by UPLC-Q-Orbitrap MS and their antioxidant activity. FOCH Food Chemistry. 269:150-156.
Chen S, Zeng Z, Hu N, Bai B, Wang H, Suo Y.  2018.  Simultaneous optimization of the ultrasound-assisted extraction for phenolic compounds content and antioxidant activity of Lycium ruthenicum Murr. fruit using response surface methodology. FOCH Food Chemistry. 242:1-8.
Meng L, Xu X, Bai B, Ma M, Li S, Hu N, Wang H, Suo Y.  2018.  Surface carboxyl-activated polyester (PET) fibers decorated with glucose carbon microspheres and their enhanced selective adsorption for dyes. PCS Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids. 123:378-388.


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