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The Original Yoga: As Expounded in Śiva-Samhitā, Gheraṇḍa-Samhitā, and Pt̄añjala Yoga-Sūtra
Format: Book
Publication Date: Nov 30, 1979
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal
Place of Publication: New Delhi
Pages: 308
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Very little is known about the author of this book apart from the facts that he is a retired Government of India officer, now in his late nineties, apparently hoary, but healthy. When requested for more bio-data, he wrote back…The Real author of the Original Yoga is the Lord Siva. In the mundane world, Patanjali is the prime propagator of yoga. Any other claim to authorship, therefore, cannot but be spurious. …It is Truth that matters, not the utterer of the Truth. No Truth ever becomes a bit truer even when repeated by the most distinguished person. …Hence all genuine aspirants of yoga should be content to remain unknown and unnoticed by others. His other published work is Hindu Concept of Life and Death.