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A Passion for Sustainability
Format: Film
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2008
Pages: 56:40
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Envision a society where economic opportunity, social justice and sustainable culture all depend on environmental stewardship. Imagine a world where nurturing the health of the planet is the catalyst for global financial success and social stability. Can you?Ten years ago, 14 business owners in Portland, Oregon did. Using a sustainability tool called The Natural Step, these 14 business owners looked at their business plans through the lens of environmental sustainability and began the journey to create businesses that would be responsible for Earth’s natural systems while building economic growth. Along the way, all 14 developed a passion for sustainability. Join these inspiring pioneers as they describe the journeys they have taken, the challenges and unseen rewards they have experienced and their ultimate vision of a sustainable culture. Prepare to be inspired, motivated and energized to begin your journey and find your own Passion for Sustainability.