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Path to Blessedness: Quintessence of the Ashtanga Yoga of Sage
Format: Book
Publication Date: Nov 30, 1990
Publisher: Divine life Society
Place of Publication: Shivanandanagar,
Pages: 168
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The matter contained in this book with the title, “PATH TO BLESSEDNESS” is a simple exposition of the inner Science of Self-realisation through the path of self-subdual, mind-control, concentration and meditation. It is all about the now well-known Yoga-Aphorisms of the great sage and teacher of India known as Maharshi PATANJALI who taught about five thousand years ago and left for humanity the quintessence of the Yoga-Science in his short, terse and meaning-filled Sutras or brief aphorisms. The Sutras being so very concise and pithy, their full meaning is not easily understood at first reading. They have to be explained. The great sage Maharshi Veda-Vyasa, the author of the eighteen classical Puranas, did this for us by writing his Commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga-Aphorisms. Much later on, a very learned disciple and seeker Vachaspaty Mishra wrote a more elaborate Gloss explaining the full meaning of sage Vyasa’s commentary. The present lessons in this book are based upon the teachings given in the above-mentioned Yoga-Texts.