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A Qualitative Study on Yoga Practice in Quality of Labor Life
Qualitative Studies in Quality of Life: Methodology and Practice
Format: Book Chapter
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2014
Publisher: Springer
Place of Publication: Dordrecht
Pages: 217 - 238
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The aim of this book is to show the importance of the development of qualitative studies in the field of quality of life. It is organized in two parts, and has been di-vided into ten chapters.Part I, which comprises four chapters, deals with the theoretical-methodological reflection of qualitative studies; it examines the written production on the subject, the role of qualitative researchers, the role played by culture in qualitative studies and in the researchers’own lives, the follow-up of young researchers in their process of insertion in this field, and the challenge of integrating qualitative and quantitative methods for the study of quality of life, thus overcoming the traditional antagonism between them.Part II contains six chapters that are concrete cases in which researchers have developed qualitative studies on quality of life in different disciplines and themes: Geography, Health, Communities, Youth, Childhood and Yoga in labor life, thus showing the possible new scenarios in the the history of quality of life studies.Some of the chapters are the results of different research projects developed by the authors and/or myself and the other ones are the results of Doctoral Thesis that I directed in Argentina and Colombia. I am very grateful with the colleagues that work with me in this book.Adopting a particular methodology implies a philosophical, theoretical and po-litical decision and, in the case of qualitative methodology, it is an essential ap- proach in understanding people’s experiences of well-being and discovering new issues related to quality of life.