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A structural model of environmental attitudes and behaviour
Journal of Environmental Psychology
Green Psychology
Short Title: Journal of Environmental Psychology
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 1995/09/01/
Pages: 209 - 220
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The multivariate relationship between environmental attitudes and pro-environmental behaviour was examined. In two studies a structural model linking environmental awareness, emotions, personal-philosophical values, perceived control and behaviour was proposed and tested. The main questions investigated were (a) whether, to what extent, and in which constellation personal belief systems affect environmental behaviour, and (b) the generalizability of the model from two known groups. New instruments were created to measure the model's constructs. Using LISREL VII, Study I confirmed the proposed model. The strongest effect on environmental behaviour stemmed from personal-philosophical values and emotions. No effects on environmental behaviour stemming from factual knowledge were found. Thirty-nine per cent of the variance in environmental behaviour was explained by the attitudinal components. Study II showed the extent to which persons differ in their environmental behaviour depending on their membership in a ‘green’ drivers' association, compared with traditional drivers.