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The TCT-DP (Test for Creative Thinking-Drawing Production): An instrument that can be applied to most age and ability groups
Creative Child & Adult Quarterly
Short Title: The TCT-DP (Test for Creative Thinking-Drawing Production)
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 1986
Pages: 138-155
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Explains the TCT-DP by discussing (a) the need for the TCT-DP, (b) the justification for and purpose of the test, (c) the meaning and limitations of the test construct, (d) design, (e) evaluation criteria, (f) the 1st results, and (g) prognostics. The TCT-DP testing sheet includes stimuli, in the form of figural elements or fragments, intentionally designed in an incomplete and irregular fashion to achieve maximum flexibility as an imperative for creativity. The TCT-DP allows potentially gifted students to interpret and to complete what they conceive to be significant for the development of a creative product.

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