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Teaching Self-Care Through Mindfulness Practices: The Application of Yoga, Meditation, and Qigong to Counselor Training
Journal of Humanistic Psychology
Short Title: Journal of Humanistic PsychologyTeaching Self-Care Through Mindfulness Practices
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2006/10/01/
Pages: 494 - 509
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Faculty in counseling training programs often give voice to the importance of self-care for students during the training period and into practice after training is completed. However, few programs specifically address this issue in their curricula. To address this perceived need, a course was developed to provide students with (a) personal growth opportunities through self-care practices and (b) professional growth through mindfulness practices in counseling that can help prevent burnout. A focus group assessed course impact on students who reported significant changes in their personal lives, stress levels, and clinical training.