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Vijñānabhikṣu's Approach to the Īśvara Concept in Patañjali's Yogasūtras
Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2012
Pages: 11 - 16
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PATAÑJALI discusses Iśvara, the paramapuruṣa, as he calls Īśvara, in sūtras 23-29 of the first pāda (chapter) called the samādhipāda of the Yogasūtras (YS). The description of Iśvara in these sūtras makes it difficult to classify Īśvara in a purely theistic mode. In these seven sūtras one can see shades of theism as well as non-theistic ideas. Since I am dealing with Vijñānabhikṣu’s take on Īśvara in Patañjali’s YS I shall first concentrate on the first two sūtras i.e I. 23 and 24 dealing with Iśvara before examining the others in the first and second pādas (chapters) where we get some more sūtras dealing with Īśvara.