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Vital Breath of the Dao: Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong : Laohu Gong
Short Title: Vital Breath of the Dao
Format: Book
Publication Year: 2008
Publisher: Singing Dragon
Pages: 259
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Vital Breath of the Dao is a fully illustrated guide to the historical background, practical application, underlying principles and techniques of Qigong, a way of physical and spiritual cultivation, and a way of life. Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong is a uniquely potent practice designed to bolster health and deepen spiritual connection to universal energy. Lineage holder Master Zhongxian Wu uses story-telling and a wealth of practical examples to introduce this powerful 24-movement Qigong form, which combines the traditions of ancient shamanism, Confucianism, Daoism, classical Chinese medicine, and the martial arts. An excellent introduction for Qigong beginners, the book will also be of interest to experienced practitioners, students of classical Chinese Medicine and anyone interested in Classical Chinese culture and anthropology.