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Working With Mindfulness: Mindfulness, Work, and Stress Reduction
Format: Book
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: More Than Sound LLC
Place of Publication: Florence, Massachusetts
Source ID: shanti-sources-64671
Abstract: Emotional Intelligence author Daniel Goleman, joins Mirabai Bush Mirabai Bush, co-founder of The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society and a key adviser to Google’s Search Inside Yourself curriculum, for a discussion with the best-selling author about choosing the right natural stress-reduction technique that suits the practitioners’ preferences and situation.Dr. Goleman leads several short, guided relaxation exercises from his CD Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress. Chronic stress on the job leads to a myriad of health issues and high turnover, both of which negatively impact an organization’s productivity. Our system isn’t programmed to be in constant fight or flight mode. While we can’t always immediately change our stressors, we still need to find regular periods of rest and relaxation to maintain our well-being. Finding the right relaxation technique can help you balance your nervous system, feel more relaxed and better cope with life’s stressful challenges.