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Yoga for women: gain strength and flexibility, ease PMS symptoms, relieve stress, stay fit through pregnancy, age gracefully
Short Title: Yoga for women
Format: Book
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2015
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Place of Publication: New York, NY
Pages: 143
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Notes: External Resources: Cite This Item Search for versions with same title and author | Advanced options ...Contents: Introduction: Yoga and I -- What is yoga? -- The breath -- learn to stay present -- Bandhas, the body's energy locks -- Sun salutations -- begin your day by saluting the sun -- Menstruation issues and the days before your period -- The young woman in her 20s-30s -- Pregnancy and after childbirth -- The woman in her 40s -- Menopause -- The woman in her 50s-60s plus -- Fit yoga into your daily routine.Note(s): Includes bibliographical references and index.Class Descriptors: LC: RA781.7; RA781.7; Dewey: 613.704Responsibility: by Karin Bj�rkegren.Vendor Info: Baker and Taylor Brodart YBP Library Services (BTCP BROD YANK)Entry: 20150326Update: 20181108Provider: OCLC
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"Yoga is a powerful tool that can influence women's well-being at all stages of life. For a long time, women have devoted themselves to gym-training in order to acquire beautiful and well-formed bodies, but the hunt for the perfect body has rather widened the gap between body and soul. That is why yoga has had such a breakthrough in the western world in the last few years. Yoga for Women starts with a brief introduction, includes a presentation of the eight basic foundations of yoga. This is followed by breathing exercises that you can use when you practice yoga, and which help you to be calm and concentrated. The main part of the book contains fifty exercises that are primarily based on hatha yoga but are influenced by ashtangi yoga. The movements and positions give you strength, flexibility, and relaxation. They are divided into the various needs women have during their life, with the emphasis upon middle-aged woman. The exercises can be combined into a personal program as well. Perfect for the beginner or intermediate student, Yoga for Women empowers women of all ages to lead healthier and more balanced lives." --