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Anonymous.  Submitted.  5 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Your Kids. Hot Yoga Studio, Grand Rapids, MI - Yoga Fever.
Allen R.  Submitted.  5 Ways Spending Time in Nature Benefits Your Health (and Your Gut). Hyperbiotics.
Roop M.  Submitted.  5 Ways to Reconnect With Nature. mindbodygreen.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (6) (PDF) Regional conflicts, collective identities and the neutrality of the clinical encounter: A note on tibetan Medicine in Ladakh (Vajra Publications, 2015) | Laurent Pordié -
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (6) (PDF) Review of “The Patient Multiple: An Ethnography of Healthcare and Decision Making in Bhutan.” by Jonathan Taee, 2017. | Barbara Gerke -
Cho J.  Submitted.  6 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Mindfulness And Meditation.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  60 Minutes Mindfulness featuring Jon Kabat Zinn.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (64) CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL - YouTube.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  (64) Webinar: SEL Implementation Resource for School Districts (April 2019) - YouTube.
Brunton J.  Submitted.  7 Simple Yoga Poses To Help Your Kids Relax. Forbes.
Wei M.  Submitted.  7 Ways Yoga Helps Children and Teens. Psychology Today.
Reagan L.  Submitted.  72: Yoga for Depression & Anxiety.
Rova A.  Submitted.  #74: Holistic Body Positivity & Confronting the Corporate Wellness Industry with Dana Falsetti.
Alidinas S.  Submitted.  7-Minute Mindfulness Practice for Responding to Stress.
van der Valk JMA, Gerke B.  Submitted.  9th ICTAM, Kiel, Germany, August 6-12, 2017, Panel: Materiality, Efficacy, and the Politics of Potent Substances.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Adult Neuroplasticity: More Than 40 Years of Research.
Anonymous.  Submitted.  Advancing understanding of executive function impairments and psychopathology: bridging the gap between clinical and cognitive approaches.
Hansell T.  Submitted.  After Coal: Welsh and Appalachian Mining Communities.
West M.  Submitted.  Is All Yoga Good for Anxiety? Which Style is Best?
Craig S, Adams V, Samen A.  Submitted.  Alternative accounting in maternal and infant global health.
Podcast A.  Submitted.  Alternative Living, Wearing Trash & Being The Change - Rob Greenfield.
Staff NPR.  Submitted.  Altruism (2001).
Staff NPR.  Submitted.  Altruism (2002).
Magazine GGood.  Submitted.  Altruism | Defined. Greater Good Magazine.
Advant-Edge EQ.  Submitted.  American Academy of Pediatrics Recognizes Neurofeedback. EQ Advant-Edge.


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