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Building Inclusive Education on Social and Emotional Learning: Challenges and Perspectives--A Review
International Journal of Inclusive Education
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2010
Pages: 213 - 246
Source ID: shanti-sources-91011
Abstract: This article focuses on conceptual and empirical issues related to the links between social and emotional learning (SEL) and inclusive education. SEL can be defined as the process of socialisation and education related to personal, interpersonal and problem-solving skills and competencies. This process takes place in formal and informal settings and is influenced by a complex interplay of individual, situational and cultural factors. Beside a person-centred focus, effective SEL interventions are provided within supportive learning environments and are directed at enhancing the social-emotional environmental factors that influence learning. Underlying theories and models related to SEL are reviewed, completed by empirical data stemming from prevention science, and developmental psychology. The role of SEL will be investigated with respect to children with emotional-behavioural difficulties and their social and cultural context. Finally, the multifaceted role of SEL and its preventive potential in inclusive school settings through modifications of input and content, teaching strategies and processes, as well as the improvement of learning environments are outlined.