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Early Childhood Educators' Well-Being: An Updated Review of the Literature
Early Childhood Education Journal
Short Title: Early Childhood Education JournalEarly Childhood Educators' Well-Being
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2017/09//
Pages: 583 - 593
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Researchers are increasingly recognising the connections between early childhood educators' well-being and their capacity for providing high quality education and care. The past five years have seen an intensification of research concerning early childhood educators' well-being. However, fragmentation along conceptual, contextual and methodological lines makes it difficult to clearly identify the most effective focus for future research. The purpose of this article is to identify trends in, and implications of recent research concerned with educators' well-being. Attention is given to ways recent studies address concerns raised in a review of earlier literature (Hall-Kenyon et al. in Early Child Educ J 42(3):153-162, 2014, doi:), and what implications recent studies have for future research efforts concerned with educators' well-being.