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Encoding Cortical Surface by Spherical Harmonics
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Publication Year: n.d.
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Abstract: There is a lack of unified statistical modeling framework for cerebral shape asymmetry analysis in literature. Most previous approaches start with flip-ping the 3D magnetic resonance images (MRI). The anatomical correspondence across the hemispheres is then established by registering the original image to the flipped image. A difference of an anatomical index between these two images is used as a measure of cerebral asymmetry. We present a radically different asymmetry analysis that utilizes a novel weighted spherical harmonic representation of cortical surfaces. The weighted spherical harmonic representation is a surface smoothing technique given explicitly as a weighted linear combination of spherical harmon-ics. This new representation is used to parameterize cortical surfaces, establish the hemispheric correspondence, and normalize cortical surfaces in a unified mathemat-ical framework. The methodology has been applied in characterizing the cortical asymmetry of a group of autistic subjects.
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