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Chung MK, Davidson RJ, Pollak SD.  2012.  AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE WHITE MATTER CONNECTIVITY BASED ON THE TENSOR-BASED MORPHOMETRY AND THE VOLUMETRIC WHITE MATTER PARCELLATIONS BASED ON DIFFUSION TENSOR IMAGING. Proceedings / IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: from nano to macro. IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging.
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Chung MK, Hartley R, Dalton K, Davidson RJ.  0.  Encoding Cortical Surface by Spherical Harmonics.
Chung MK, Nacewicz BM, Dalton KM, Davidson RJ.  0.  General multivariate linear modeling of surface shapes using SurfStat. NeuroImage. 53(2):491-505.
Chung MK, Schaefer SM, van Reekum CM, Davidson RJ.  0.  Heat Kernel Smoothing via Laplace-Beltrami Eigenfunctions and Its Application to Subcortical Structure Modeling. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. :36-47.
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Chung MK, Dalton KM, Alexander AL, Davidson RJ.  0.  Less white matter concentration in autism: 2D voxel-based morphometry. NeuroImage. 23(1):242-251.
Chung MK, Shen L, Dalton KM, Davidson RJ.  0.  Multi-scale Voxel-based Morphometry via Weighted Spherical Harmonic Representation.
Chung MK, Davidson RJ, Pollak SD.  0.  Structural variations in prefrontal cortex mediate the relationship between early childhood stress and spatial working memory. The Journal of Neuroscience. 32(23):7917-7925.
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