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Fostering Spiritual Intelligence: Undergraduates’ Growth in a Course about Consciousness
Advanced Development Journal
Short Title: Fostering Spiritual Intelligence
Format: Journal Article
Publication Year: 2010
Pages: 26-48
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Despite a growing interest among college and university students in exploring questions about spirituality through higher education, few are provided with opportunities to do so. An integral approach to the study of consciousness addresses this gap by examining theories of consciousness and spirituality from diverse epistemological perspectives, includingWestern science and non-Western wisdom traditions. This study explored the intellectual and personal effects of this approach for undergraduate students who were enrolled in an Honors course about consciousness at the University ofWashington duringWinter Quarter 2008. Results indicated that students became more open to diverse ideas about consciousness, more self-aware, and more committed to meditation and self-reflection. Implications for the growing discourse about spirituality in higher education and the development of spiritual intelligence are discussed.

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Contemplation by Applied Subject
Higher Education and Contemplation