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Keeping the peace: mindfulness and public service
Format: Book
Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: Parallax Press
Place of Publication: Berkeley, Calif.
Pages: 99
Source ID: shanti-sources-62426
Abstract: "Keeping the Peace speaks to all of us who work in difficult, people-oriented jobs and shows us how to turn environments that are often filled with anger, stress, and frustration into islands of peace. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh creates a revolutionary definition of public service that includes all of us. He challenges us to transform the way we think about our work and offers eleven key practices to strengthen our mindfulness and joy." "Based on a retreat for civil servants, Keeping the Peace is the first book of its kind to demonstrate the usefulness of mindfulness practices for law enforcement officers, social workers, teachers, and others in people-helping professions. Each chapter contains examples of real-life situations, information in mindfulness practices, and simple suggestions and directions accessible to anyone who has struggled at work."--BOOK JACKET.