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Mindfulness-based SEL programming to increase preservice teachers' mindfulness and emotional competence
Psychology in the Schools
Short Title: Psychology in the Schools
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2018/04//
Pages: 1 - 390
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Eighty-seven preservice teachers, some of whom had preschool teaching experience, were randomly assigned to an intervention that included training in breathing awareness meditation infused with social-emotional learning (n = 43) or a control group that received training in (n = 44) in breathing awareness meditation only. Both groups showed an increase in mindfulness from pre- to posttest. However, as expected, dimensions of emotional competence improved more significantly for preservice teachers in the intervention group. Increases were also greater for participants with teaching experience. Both groups also increased in the belief that classroom misbehavior would result in negative cognitive and social costs to children, but a larger increasewas observed for the intervention group. Implications for teacher preparation are discussed.