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The question is the answer: Naropa University’s contemplative education
Religion & Education
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2008
Pages: 88 - 101
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The new millennium has seen a resurgence of interest in spirituality andreligion among college students across the spectrum of American institutions of higher education. The Lilly Foundation has found that the fastestgrowing undergraduate major is religious studies. And yet this growinginterest is not confined only to religion per se; it is also expressed in under-graduate interest in spirituality. In 2005, the Higher Education ResearchInstitute at UCLA surveyed over 112,000 matriculating freshmen attending236 diverse colleges and universities across the country, reporting this:The study reveals that today’s college students have veryhigh levels of spiritual interest and involvement. Many areactively engaged in a spiritual quest and in exploring themeaning and purpose of life. They are also very engagedand involved in religion, reporting considerable commitmentto their religious beliefs and practices. As they begin col-lege, freshmen have high expectations for the role theirinstitutions will play in their emotional and spiritual devel-opment. They place great value on their college enhancing their self-understanding, helping them develop personalvalues, and encouraging their expression of spirituality.