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Emotional development and emotional intelligence: educational implications
Format: Book Chapter
Publication Year: 1997
Publisher: Basic Books
Place of Publication: New York
Source ID: shanti-sources-107091
Abstract: With this groundbreaking volume, invited contributors present cutting-edge research on emotions and emotional development in a manner useful to educators, psychologists, and anyone interested in the unfolding of emotions during childhood. In recent years, innovative schools have developed courses in "emotional literacy" that focus on conflict resolution, social problem solving, and decision making; these classes teach children how to understand and manage their feelings and how to get along with one another. This unique book links theory and practice by juxtaposing scientific explanations of emotion with short commentaries from educators who elaborate on how these advances can be put to use in the classroom. Accessible and enlightening, Emotional Development and Emotional Intelligence provides ample evidence about emotional intelligence as well as sound information on the potential efficacy of educational programs based on this idea.