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A qualitative exploration of implementation factors in a school-based mindfulness and yoga program: Lessons learned from students and teachers.
Psychology in the Schools
Short Title: Psychology in the Schools
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2016
Pages: 53 - 69
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Identifying factors relevant for successful implementation of school‐based interventions is essential to ensure that programs are provided in an effective and engaging manner. The perspectives of two key stakeholders critical for identifying implementation barriers and facilitators—students and their classroom teachers—merit attention in this context and have rarely been explored using qualitative methods. This article reports the results of a study on the qualitative perspectives of fifth‐ and sixth‐grade participants and their teachers of a 16‐week school‐based mindfulness and yoga program in three public schools serving low‐income urban communities. Four themes related to program implementation barriers and facilitators emerged: program delivery factors, program buy‐in, implementer communication with teachers, and instructor qualities. Feedback from students and teachers is discussed in the context of informing implementation, adaptation, and future development of school‐based mindfulness and yoga programming in urban settings.