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Urry HL, van Reekum CM, Johnstone T, Kalin NH, Thurow ME, Schaefer HS, Jackson CA, Frye CJ, Greischar LL, Alexander AL et al..  0.  Amygdala and Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Are Inversely Coupled during Regulation of Negative Affect and Predict the Diurnal Pattern of Cortisol Secretion among Older Adults. The Journal of Neuroscience. 26(16):4415-4425.
Nacewicz BM, Dalton KM, Johnstone T, Long MT, McAuliff EM, Oakes TR, Alexander AL, Davidson RJ.  0.  Amygdala volume and nonverbal social impairment in adolescent and adult males with autism. Archives of General Psychiatry. 63(12):1417-1428.
Nitschke JB, Sarinopoulos I, Johnstone T, Whalen PJ, Davidson RJ, Kalin NH.  0.  Anticipatory activation in the amygdala and anterior cingulate in generalized anxiety disorder and prediction of treatment response. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 166(3):302-310.
Ollinger JM, Oakes TR, Johnstone T, Davidson RJ.  0.  Dynamic Causal Modeling applied to fMRI data shows high reliability. NeuroImage. 49(1):603-611.
Zhang C, Lu Y, Johnstone T, Oakes T, Davidson RJ.  0.  Efficient modeling and inference for event-related fMRI data. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. 52(10):4859-4871.
Johnstone T, van Reekum CM, Urry HL, Kalin NH, Davidson RJ.  0.  Failure to Regulate: Counterproductive Recruitment of Top-Down Prefrontal-Subcortical Circuitry in Major Depression. The Journal of Neuroscience. 27(33):8877-8884.
Whalen PJ, Johnstone T, Somerville LH, Nitschke JB, Polis S, Alexander AL, Davidson RJ, Kalin NH.  0.  A functional magnetic resonance imaging predictor of treatment response to venlafaxine in generalized anxiety disorder. Biological Psychiatry. 63(9):858-863.
Dalton KM, Nacewicz BM, Johnstone T, Schaefer HS, Gernsbacher MAnn, Goldsmith H.H, Alexander AL, Davidson RJ.  0.  Gaze fixation and the neural circuitry of face processing in autism. Nature Neuroscience. 8(4):519-526.
van Reekum CM, Johnstone T, Urry HL, Thurow ME, Schaefer HS, Alexander AL, Davidson RJ.  0.  Gaze fixations predict brain activation during the voluntary regulation of picture-induced negative affect. NeuroImage. 36(3):1041-1055.
Johnstone T, Kalin NH.  0.  Increases in prefrontal cortex activity when regulating negative emotion predicts symptom severity trajectory over six months in depression. JAMA Psychiatry.
van Reekum CM, Urry HL, Johnstone T, Thurow ME, Frye CJ, Jackson CA, Schaefer HS, Alexander AL, Davidson RJ.  0.  Individual differences in amygdala and ventromedial prefrontal cortex activity are associated with evaluation speed and psychological well-being. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 19(2):237-248.
Urry HL, van Reekum CM, Johnstone T, Davidson RJ.  0.  Individual differences in some (but not all) medial prefrontal regions reflect cognitive demand while regulating unpleasant emotion. NeuroImage. 47(3):852-863.
Salomons TV, Johnstone T, Backonja M-M, Shackman AJ, Davidson RJ.  0.  Individual differences in the effects of perceived controllability on pain perception: critical role of the prefrontal cortex. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 19(6):993-1003.
Oakes TR, Fox AS, Johnstone T, Chung MK, Kalin N, Davidson RJ.  0.  Integrating VBM into the General Linear Model with voxelwise anatomical covariates. NeuroImage. 34(2):500-508.
Johnstone T, Walsh KSOres, Greischar LL, Alexander AL, Fox AS, Davidson RJ, Oakes TR.  0.  Motion correction and the use of motion covariates in multiple-subject fMRI analysis. Human Brain Mapping. 27(10):779-788.
Rosenkranz MA, Busse WW, Johnstone T, Swenson CA, Crisafi GM, Jackson MM, Bosch JA, Sheridan JF, Davidson RJ.  0.  Neural circuitry underlying the interaction between emotion and asthma symptom exacerbation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 102(37):13319-13324.
Slagter HA, Johnstone T, Davidson RJ.  0.  Neural Competition for Conscious Representation across Time: An fMRI Study. PLoS ONE. 5(5):e10556.
Salomons TV, Johnstone T, Backonja M-M, Davidson RJ.  0.  Perceived Controllability Modulates the Neural Response to Pain. The Journal of Neuroscience. 24(32):7199-7203.
Holsen LM, Dalton KM, Johnstone T, Davidson RJ.  0.  Prefrontal social cognition network dysfunction underlying face encoding and social anxiety in fragile X syndrome. NeuroImage. 43(3):592-604.
Johnstone T, Shackman AJ, Kalin NH, Davidson RJ.  0.  Reduced capacity to sustain positive emotion in major depression reflects diminished maintenance of fronto-striatal brain activation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. :pnas.0910651106.
Johnstone T, Kalin NH, Davidson RJ.  0.  Reduced right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex activity while inhibiting positive affect is associated with improvement in hedonic capacity after 8 weeks of antidepressant treatment in major depressive disorder. Biological Psychiatry. 70(10):962-968.
Lutz A, Brefczynski-Lewis J, Johnstone T, Davidson RJ.  0.  Regulation of the Neural Circuitry of Emotion by Compassion Meditation: Effects of Meditative Expertise. PLoS ONE. 3(3):e1897.


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